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I am the pastor at New Covenant Baptist Fellowship in Buffalo NY. I also teach classes for the NYSDEC with my small business, AARONCO Seminars. Before becoming a Christian in 1977, I was an actor for seven years. I was ordained in 1984. I have a THB jointly awarded by Trinity College of the Bible and Seminary and Canterbury Christ Church University, England. I am writing a play and finishing a book about a Holocaust survivor, Victor Breitburg ( I am the managing editor of TOLIFE...INK.

Typhoon Tembin

Overview article:

While were were enjoying the Christmas holiday here, many had no Christmas this year.
The Island of Mindanao where our ministry is based was struck by Typhoon Tembin.
Two of the areas are places where we do and have done work.
None of the pastors that we support across the island were injured and we did not suffer damage to any of our buildings that I know of.
The area of New Bataan and the Compostela Valley were devastated in 2012 by a “40 year” typhoon, Pablo, in 2012.
It takes from 2-3 years for banana,mango and pineapple trees to recover and produce crops for those who are sustenance farmers such as our friend’s family, Pastor Bobby Abella. His home village is in Cateel.
He pastors a church in Davao City, which was a shelter for two days during the typhoon.
The school there which has up to 1000 children in classes and has lost all of its basic supplies.
We’re hoping to replace pencils, pens, crayons, notebooks and papers for the students.
The cost is
$1.75 per student to resupply.
If you or a friend may be able to help you can send a check to:
New Covenant Baptist Fellowship
105 Lang Ave.
Buffalo NY 14215

or use our Paypal account

Note: Paypal charges .30 per transaction.

During our time in Nairobi we participated in the Excel To Love Israel Conference .

This was a local conference sponsored by GHOMI CHURCH. A much larger multi-African Nation Conference was scheduled but had to be postponed because of the elections  for a new president.

The African Israel Initiative larger conference will be held next year. We have been invited back to teach the Holocaust, teach at GHOMI CHURCH and then teach a bible conference in Nairobi the following week.

Our hosts were the Mulinge Family headed by Bishop Joshua Mulinge.

What a blessing to be asked to be part of a family celebration photo. It was their

granddaughter’s first birthday and sister Emily just completed her Masters Degree.

Some Photos From The Conference

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Some Photos from our trip into Ambeselli National Park

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Philippines Update:Earthquake and Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda Relief


In light of the recent earthquake and Typhoon Haiyan/ Yolanda, we are concentrating some effort for relief on Bohol. Our lead pastor and director of Theodoulos Ministries, our ministry on Mindanao Island, which suffered from severe floods in 2011 in Cagayan De Oro and Typhoon Pablo, this year near our home base in Pantukan, has made contact with a pastor on Bohol.

We are currently working out the logistics on how to proceed and what would be the best use of any funds we can raise so Ernie can go to Bohol and be engaged in person with the effort to help.

We appreciate your prayers and if you can help in some way you may send a donation via Paypal at [email protected] or a check to New Covenant Baptist Fellowship and mail it to me:

Pastor Joseph Krygier at 105 Lang Ave. Buffalo NY. 14215

This morning I was teaching a business seminar. Before class, I was in a conversation with an employee in the operations office whom I had never met before except to say hello to when signing in. After our talk, Don gave me $20.00 for our relief effort. Thank you Don.

Also thank you to Donna and Peter for your contribution.

I will keep this blog updated as we move forward.

We are collecting funds and goods on the ground in Mindanao. Our five churches there are very simple churches with mostly sustenance farmers and low income earners. They are doing what they can to raise funds and goods as well.

We will also send funds from our Mindanao account. As many of you know we are a small church that the Lord has blessed with a big work in doing pastoral training conferences, outreach, soon to be free public school education, and we have been used by Christian Aid Mission as on the ground relief workers when they have raised funds for disaster relief on Mindanao for the flood and Typhoon Pablo, where we are still having outreach in Compostela Valley and New Bataan.


Philippines-October ministry-Postponed-Rebels



The MNLF-Moro National Liberation Front is battling with the Philippine Army in the city of Zamboanga – they have taken about 160 hostages and 30 people have been killed in the fighting –  on the lower western side of the island. Although we are on the other side in the Davao region, the Mayor of Davao City and the State Department have issued warnings for tourists, foreign travelers and business people not to come to Mindanao at present.

Christians in particular are not under any special threats and our projects on the ground across the island are not currently in any danger. This is a long standing rebellion with occasional flare-ups, as the MLNF is demanding an independent Muslim state. Last year while there, if you read my previous report, I did have two armed officers with me for a portion of my trip and stay and felt completely safe.  The real concern is that even if a peace is negotiated, some extremists within the group may not be satisfied and could activate cells in other parts of the island.

So, we are watching and praying for the right time to re-schedule the trip and continue our hands on portion of the work there.

From Ernie:

I also have a concern with regards to the conference and for your security as well. Just this week, Zamboanga City – a City in Mindanao – is in a war against MNLF or the Moro National Liberation Front. Until now, the war is not yet over. The leader of the rebel group has not decided to retrieve its troops and continues to declare war. Their group is all over Mindanao. They want to own the island. They are even present in the Davao Region. Even in our place in Pantukan the presence of MNLF is observable. MNLF rebels that are residing in Davao region is just waiting for the go signal of their leader, NUR MISUARI, as to when they will attack this place. The Mayor of Davao City even plead to the foreign tourist as to not to come to Davao and Mindanao so that their lives would not be at risk. To this, I would like to propose that maybe we should cancel the conference for this year. I am just concerned with your security and safety. Any time now, the rebel group could declare an all out war if the peace negotiation would not go well.  Maybe we can continue the conference some other time next year. If this is ok with you!


October 2013 Conferences and Ministry Update

I will be meeting with Ernie, our other pastors and 90 others from October 7-24. I arrive, with Paul Siebert from First Baptist Church, Newtown Square, near Philadelphia, where my good friend, brother and co-conference speaker at our Think Tanks, David Frampton, is the pastor, on Oct 4th at 11PM in Manila for an overnight and then we fly to Mindano on Saturday the 5th. Ministry begins on the 6th preaching at one of our newer chruches in our home base of Patukan. Our first of three conferences begins on Monday the 7th

We will have  30 in attendance at each location. our in country  Conference budget is about the same as last year…Approximately $2800.00… for three conferences with 30 attendees each. food, transportation, firewood, cooks, donations to 2 hosting churches (many across the island want to host us) and printing costs are budget expenses. This is all  provided at no cost for the attendees. If some have a longer commute, we also provide housing at the facilties where we meet.

So, it costs us about $35.00/ person for the conferences… depending on inflation… Not  a bad deal. If you would like to help, let us know.

Since the destruction of Hurricane Pablo, in the Compostela Valley, just a few months ago, which is right on the border of our property in Pantukan, we have been able to do some disaster relief under the auspices of Christian Aid Mission and have since planted a new work in that area. You can see pictures at our website on the blog page and Philippines Ministry page. Christian Aid has recognized the work as an Indigenous Ministry and channels support as there are needs as they raise funds periodically for various projects via their newsletter.

We have been involved in two major disaster relief projects over the past two years.

Oct. 3  Leave for Manila from Buffalo at 11:35AM

Oct. 4 Arrival at Manila and fly to Detroit to meet with Paul and fly to Manila International Airport-  arr. 11:50 PM

Oct. 5  Fly to Davao City, Mindanao on Saturday afternoon

CONFERENCE SCHEDULE: Galatians and related themes

VENUE: Banaybanay

Oct. 6 – Preach in Bongabong Church

Oct. 7 – Conference will start at 1:00 PM

Oct. 10 – Conference will end at 12:00 PM

Oct. 11 – Visit Carmen ( one of our chrucges in the mountains north of Davao

Oct. 13 – Preach at Bongabong Church


Oct 14 – 17 – Conference will start at 1:00 PM on Oct 14 and will end on                                  Oct. 17 at 12:00 PM.

Oct. 18 – We will visit our new church at Compostela. Paul leaves for home.

VENUE: Bongabong

Oct. 21 – 24 – Conference will start at 1:00 PM on Oct 21 and will end on Oct 24 at 12:00 PM.

Your prayers and financial help last year have helped us get much done with little resources. We need $5,0000 to finish the building project in Patukan, which will complete the extra housing for 20 Bible School students, an enlarged classroom area and guest room and will be able to be used for our free public school, both of which we hope to start in the coming months, at more than one of our churches We do believe in the One who is able to do exceedingly beyond all we can ask or imagine. We are working with indigenous pastors who have very little support among their (mostly poor) congregations and who usually cannot find other work. Our commitment is to help to train these men theologically and practically at no cost to them and to provide a free eduction for children. A dear church has helped us to start the children’s fund to support 10 students at a cost of $120.00/ child. We will keep you updated.

I leave for Manila on Friday the 25th.I will overnight in Manila and on Saturday the 26th I have been asked to teach a half day conference, north of Manila, sponsered by Ray Rodriquez, where he serves as an elder. I leave for Buffalo  from Manila, via Nagoya, Japan and Kennedy at 8AM on Sunday the 27th.

This past year we have been able to provide some support and basic health insurance for all 5 of our pastors because of a family’s generous donation. We send the funds on a quarterly basis. Our pastors do not expect this support, and what was given would last about a year paying $100.00/month plus $20.00 for basic health insurance. We have funds for one more quarter and are praying for the means for this to continue.


Typhoon Pablo Followup#3

These are pictures of our distributions in Compostala Valley. So far, we have been able to help 135 families. The folks in the black teeshirts are from our church in Davao City-Roxas. You can see that there are people in temporary shelters.

Joe, Herein are the pictures taken during the distribution of the relief goods for the 2nd and 3rd batch. Before we give the relief goods to the people, I conducted a preaching service to each batch and this also serves as a way of giving instructions to them as to how the goods will be distributed. I’ll give the explanation for each picture; PICTURE NUMBER 1 – me, preaching and giving instructions to the typhoon victims. PICTURES NUMBER/S 2 – these are the recipients for the relief goods. They are the second batch. You can see the difference between the 1st to the 3rd batch because we impose a color coding system. The 1st batch received the relief goods packed in blue cellophane. the 2nd batch in red cellophane while the 3rd batch in yellow cellophane. PICTURES NUMBER/S 3 – this is the site of the evacuation area. This is actually the municipal ground. these are the victims wherein they don’t have a house and lot of their own. Since they don’t have a house and lot of their own, they are not the priority of the government – for now – to be relocated in the bang-house and the tent-city. they must wait till the government tells them that they now have a place of relocation for them. A total of 124 families is still living now in this evacuation area. All of them are living before in the flood prone area and does not own any property. PICTURES NUMBER/S 4 – this is the distribution of the relief goods to the 3rd batch (in yellow cellophane). All in all, if we add the total number of families – who received the relief goods – from 1st batch to 3rd batch, we were able to give to 135 families. We continue to pray that these families will continue to join in our bible studies and church worship service every Sunday. We do hope that the LORD will continue to bless these families and the ministry there in Compostela. please pray also for the opening of new work in New Bataan.


Typhoon Pablo Followup#2

Brother Joe,

On February 20, 2013, we already distributed the relief goods for the victims of the typhoon Pablo. I would like to ask for an apology for the delay in giving the relief goods because we conducted a bible study for 4 sessions before we gave the relief goods. At the fourth session, we gave the claim stub for each family so that we may be able to know as to whom we should give the relief packs. We decided to distribute the relief goods in batch basis. For the first batch (feb. 20, 2013) we gave 45 relief packs for 45 families (as shown in the picture).There were a number of families who came to get some relief goods but we only have 45 relief packs for the first batch. What we did is that we just assured them that there will be a second batch of relief packs to be given. Those families who received a relief pack in the first batch will no longer be included in the distribution of relief packs on the second batch.

Distribution of the claim stub was done two days after giving the relief goods. I personally handled a bible study session and after that I gave the claim stub. We are now preparing and repacking the 2nd batch of relief goods and me and my family will be distributing this one in the coming days. We will just look for the suitable date- where most of us along with the volunteers – are not busy. Attach also to this email are the pictures taken during my bible study and the distribution of the claim stub for the 2nd batch. I’ll keep you updated regarding the said activity and will send pictures after we have made the distribution of the relief goods.

In Him,


Philippines Typhoon Followup


By God’s mercies our work in the Philippines continues, considering we are in the Compostela Valley, but were spared, as were the pastors we are training there.

Ps.The picture of the van and the property might well have been us.

From: Christian Aid Mission <[email protected]>

Subject: [eAlert] Super Typhoon Devastates Thousands of Homes in Philippines

Date: December 12, 2012 1:52:38 PM EST
To: [email protected]
Reply-To: [email protected]

Super Typhoon Devastates Thousands of Homes in The Philippines

Dec. 12, 2012

By Ernie Daasin
Theos Doulos Ministries

“This week, specifically last Tuesday, a Super Typhoon named Bopha (international name) or Pablo (Philippine name) hit the Philippine island of Mindanao in the areas of Cateel, Davao Oriental, and the Compostela Valley province where we live. Three days after the storm, my wife, Dorcas, and I went to New Bataan, where we saw toppled trees, banana plantations completely ruined, countless houses blown away, and much more devastation, as shown in the pictures.

“At first we thought there were no casualties, as people were in the safe evacuation center. But we soon learned that it was suddenly hit with a strong flashflood. The soldiers who responded to the disaster also died during rescue operations when their vehicle was smothered by the strong, muddy water. Hundreds are still missing. “To date there are 800 people confirmed dead and an even greater number are missing; the numbers continue to rise as the flood subsides. Many are buried in the mud, and some are buried under piles of big trees and debris. Survivors continue to search, and some find bodies of their loved ones. There are about 250,000 people now living in schools, gymnasiums and other public places. People are pitching tents along the roadside because the evacuation centers are overcrowded.

“Many are desperate to find food. Some eat the dead animals and other livestock just to survive. New Bataan and Cateel are hard to reach areas, taking two days for private organizations and the government to reach them with food supplies. Roads are damaged and large trees are scattered over the roadways. More help is needed to provide proper clothing, water, extra food, etc.

“Thousands of acres of banana plantations were heavily damaged. Almost all banana trees were uprooted. About 167,000 people worked on these banana plantations and depended on the wages they earned. With this typhoon and tragedy, all of them will start from scratch, and most of them have no idea what to do or where to start. Coconut plantations were also heavily devastated. In fact, almost all agricultural plantations were destroyed.

“The winds blew at 130 miles per hour, crushing homes, uprooting very big trees, and smashing buildings, such as the Provincial Capitol Building and the Municipal Hall.

“Hope seems to be so elusive now to these people. They need help and prayers.”

Native missionaries with Theos Doulos Ministries are helping those affected by the typhoon. As God provides, they are having tent meetings in New Bataan and Cateel. They stay four to five days in each place. Every night they preach the gospel, and then distribute relief goods to typhoon victims. During the daylight they visit the temporary shelters and evacuation centers for counseling. When the crusades are completed, the ministry will leave a gospel worker in both places to continue the work.

Leader Ernie Daasin is seeking financial support to enable native volunteers to provide food, blankets, mosquito nets, kitchen utensils, clothing, water, etc. for people suffering from this disaster, and to provide an avenue for sharing the Gospel.

Offerings for the suffering people of the Philippines are being collected  and you can contribute Online or by Phone
Click here DONATE to donate online to help with disaster relief in the Philippines, or you may call 1-800-977-5650 to donate.

Please use gift code: 801DIS.