These conferences began as small meetings begun by In Depth Studies in 2003 and 2006 with like minded  brethren discussing various aspects  of New Covenant living and the theology of the New Covenant. From 2007, we continued with the idea of these meetings.  If you follow them from the beginning you will see ideas and understanding of New Covenant thinking developing over the years.

In 2013 we decided to move to a little larger venue and open up the conference to any who would wish to participate. We have a core group of planners and speakers that have met from year to year and meet online, as we can, once per week and invite other speakers to participate.

Our goal is to address these issues, especially from the pastoral perspective.

Our 2014 Conference will be scheduled for July 21-24 at LaTourneau Camp in Rushville NY.

We will post details as we develop our themes and schedule.

 2014 All Things New Conference: Latourneau Camp N.Y.

2013 All Things New Conference: LaTourneau Camp N.Y.

2012 Think Tank: LaTourneau Camp N.Y.

2011 Think Tank: LaTourneau Camp N.Y.

2010 Think Tank: Camp Bliss N.Y.

2009 Think Tank: NCBF Angola N.Y. 

2008 Think Tank Camp: Cherith N.Y.

2007 Christ’s Glorious Covenant: Mt. Tamborine Australia 

2006 Think Tank: Phoenix Az. 




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